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C-Dance Internet-radio

Je luistert momenteel naar C-Dance Internet-radio

Je luistert momenteel naar C-Dance Internet-radio - C-Dance Flanders nr.1 dance radio from the period 1996-2003, ‘made by the original founders’, is now back with a...

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Flanders nr.1 dance radio from the period 1996-2003, ‘made by the original founders’, is now back with a vengeance !

Only last year there was a C-Dance reunion being held. 4 days of radio, like it was made by the first dance radio network in it’s glory period, could be heard again. After nearly a decade of silence the famous ‘C-Jayz’ were back on air from April 28th till May 1st 2012.

30th of April 2012 the still existing C-Dance fans went crazy at the C-Dance ‘Reunion Party’, thrown at Highstreet - Hoogstraten (B), the party location where in the past almost all of the famous C-Dance parties took place.

The original founders’ ‘radio-vibe’ flared up again by the success of this party and the reunion radio shows and gave them the strong urge to re-create ‘Your Most Wanted Station’ in its original form.

The brand ‘C-Dance’ was ‘loaned’ to another party in 2012, so it was impossible to give an immediate follow-up to the much listened-to reunion broadcasts at that given time.

Because of the breach of copyright and all sorts of obligations by the other party, the right to use the brand name was withdrawn by it’s owner, and now, with the full support and consent of the latter, finally the OK has been given to make C-Dance in its original form again by the original founders.

The C-Dance test broadcasts can be heard, currently only online, on and bring back plenty of familiar C-Dance classics, along with current dance tracks to its fans of the first hour and to all the 'new' C-Dance freaks. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 20h, mix shows of well-known domestic and foreign DJ’s are being broadcasted, but C-Dance is working hard to expand the test programming and to keep playlists 'fresh'.

Since listening to online radio this decade isn’t unusual any longer and is even winning over listening to FM, fans are also able to download apps for their smartphones and tablets in order to access the C-Dance broadcasts easier and enjoy 'their' C-Dance everywhere they go.

All info about the station’s test transmissions and the playlists of the DJ mix shows can be found and followed via social media such as Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( @ CDANCEdotcom ).

Whether there are plans to bring back C-Dance to FM as well isn’t quite clear at this time, but the need for it with the audience indeed still exists.

The C-Dance broadcasts, ‘made by the original founders' can be heard since Friday July 5th last and kicked off quite unseen : the number of listeners on the test stream immediately made a spectacular leap and comments and ‘likes’ on the C-Dance Facebook page are rocketing !

C-Dance by the way isn’t the only product of the original founders of the station, because with Jam-FM they also offer an Urban-alternative, mainly, for a female audience ( ).

With the new and strong re-start of C-Dance - Your Most Wanted Station the future of the dance station already seems to be assured again !

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